Magical Diary

Magical Diary

A magical illustrated text adventure


  • Unusual
  • Good puzzles
  • Fun story


  • In-game tutorial is sparse
  • Slow


Magical Diary is an illustrated text adventure set in a bizarre world where you enroll in a Magic School, and have to survive. It features Manga style art, but is not a Japanese game, although it is frequently as weird as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Developer Hanako Games says its games are not just girl games, but definitely girl friendly. That's a fair assessment of Magical Diary, so while anyone might want to play, there's a definite girly-slant to it.

You'll begin by creating your character, with a name and a look, and then through text prompts you'll follow as you enter the school. Magical Diary is like a fantasy novel with choice, and there is enough choice that you can repeat the game and see lots of new content. The artwork isn't animated, but adds character to the story and characters you'll meet.

The opening sequence is a little dull, with not enough choice, and your first week in Magical Diary can be a bit bewildering. However, as you progress, the game's story gets quite unusual and much more interesting.

Magical Diary isn't for everyone - it's slow, and is essentially a text adventure with pictures. If that sounds like fun to you, try out the game!

Magical Diary


Magical Diary

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